Today We are here as peer to peer to help create ways to keep our loved ones memories in our hearts and in our thoughts. We are a 501c3 nonprofit Bartow GA business

Tomorrow May Not be Perfect but
It Will be a Different day

The story of me and SARAH

Grieving SARAH is about my own journey, I’m Cat & SARAH-BETH’s mom! SARAH died by Suicide at the age of 17. that lead me on a path to create a blue print impact on the grieving world. When I came out of my fog trying so desperately to find others that understood me, I had nowhere to go, no one to call! Of course I had a counselor and she did help in so many ways, but something was missing, it was the power of hearing other stories from grievers and the many different stages they were at ! Some were much further in grief than myself and I was inspired to achieve that point, after all they were in grief like me, if they could be where they are ! So can I … Others were so raw I knew I could help them get to where I was at that point in my grief, I had such a desire to help as many as I could and at the same time a desire to achieve a peace place of my own in what would become my new normal! Early in my grief I was asked if I would be able to speak to a family! By someone that knew what had happened to my daughter SARAH, I really didn’t know what I could do since I was still grieving my loss, little did I know that was the turning point in my life, it worked! It helped a family ! Because we were all in the same club that no one is beating down the doors to join, we never asked to be in this exclusive club called grief! I wanted to start helping others. I wanted to be the place for grievers to meet each other, the place for grievers to call for help or resources!